Are you ready to dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life naturally?

I am looking for a few  Hungry Pack Members.


I am looking for a few awesome people that,  like me have a dozen or more reasons to make 2019 our best year yet!

If you are like me you get bills everyday in the mail. You have rent or a mortgage, electric bill, gas, water, dog food, cat food, human food, car payment, vet bills or some coming soon...

The list goes on and on and how the HECK are we going to catch up and be done with all this???

I found a way and I want to share it with you.

It's a company called Hempworx and I love it and want to share an incredible opportunity with you!

Wolf Daddy Story

Wolf Daddy getting Arctic Wolf Kisses.
Hempworx CBD oil might get you more wolf Kisses.

For the past 24 years I have dedicated my life to rescuing wolves trapped in the exotic pet trade and have provided them with lifetime sanctuary.

Saving lives of animals in need is important and much needed work.

However it is no way to make a living and pay the bills!

 So, today I am starting a new kind of Pack. 

A pack of real self starting entrepreneurs ready to change they way they live, and create a higher quality of life for themselves and the people around them. 


A Strong Pack

A lone wolf is a lonely wolf and without the support of the pack finding the next meal is difficult to say the least.

A lone wolf is successful in getting a meal only about 15 to 20 percent of the time.

Together a cooperative pack can be successful more and more often!

Our pack leadership will help us all achieve our success through proven strategies  that work.


Join the Pack

When you choose Hempworx you join a community.  A Pack of humans with a common achieve more, to better our lives and the lives of the people (animals are people too) we care about.

Hempworx is a fast growing company and  the leader in the CBD Oil Industry.

CBD Oil and Hempworx is changing lives worldwide!

Learn more about the business opportunity and how to join the Wolf Daddy's Hemp Pack by... 


Thank You!

I just want to thank you for taking some time out to see if Hempworx is right for you.

I know that for me, The products, the compensation plan and the training  works and I am here to work together with you so WE can build the future we desire.

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